Komby RF1 Serial is an all in one high speed wireless DMX, Serial, Renard Transmitter/Receiver. Convert your wired devices to wireless with this all in one device!

Whats this you say?  An ALL IN ONE RF1 Serial????  


Its a komby RFShowControl board which is all in one, RF1 + Serial 

What am I going to do with this masterpiece of wireless ??

Its up to you but the RF1Serial can: 

As a Receiver:
Receive 512 channels of RFShowControl data 
Output : DMX(250kbps) or Renard (56kbps - fewer channels)

As a Transmitter :
Receive Serial DMX and Transmit One Universe of data in RFShowControl format

Output Configurations possible:
RJ45 jack is configurable for : 

  • DMX
  • Renard
  • LOR
  • LOR + Power - for LOR users that want to you can power the RF1Serial from the CAT5 connected to your LOR Boards (no separate power supply needed)

use either a MCP1702 voltage regulator 6-12v input (same as the RF1_12v)
or LM7805 voltage regulator and power with 7-24V (you will need a decent heatsink to run on 24v with a 7805 regulator) 



** Note this product may require additional lead time to process approximately  5-7 business days.

Picture of RF1Serial Kit
RF1Serial Kit
This kit includes all the parts needed to assemble your RF1Serial! PCB + BOM + nrf24L01+ Zig Zag transceiver

Dont want to fuss with Soldering Surface mount parts?  We'll handle that for you.  Your boards will come with the SMD parts pre-soldered.  Note: Pre-Solder will add additional processing time. 

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